Counselling Melbourne

Next Wave counselling in Melbourne provides experienced counselling services through Dr Amber Denehey’s client-centric approach to therapy. Amber uses evidence-based techniques that have been successful at helping people move through their psychological difficulties. Amber prioritises the relationship between client and therapist and her Melbourne counselling service is dedicated to providing a space to feel safe and contained.

What Counselling Melbourne Services Can I Access?

Dr Amber Denehey offers a wide range of counselling services, all backed by extensive experience, training, and research. Next Wave Psychology can help clients dealing with a spectrum of issues:

  • Trauma Counselling: Moving on from trauma on a superficial level is different to letting go of the deep-seated subconscious ties that can affect life enjoyment. Dr Denehey can help you to finally move forward.
  • Relationship Counselling: Relationships are an essential aspect of the human condition, and important ones are worth saving. Dr Denehey can help you to get to the root of your issues, so you can both move forward.
  • Depression and Anxiety Counselling: Our counselling services offer anxiety and depression sufferers a way out, often when they feel as though the situation is helpless.
  • Self Esteem Counselling: If you don’t value the person you are, it’s difficult to enjoy life and make meaningful connections in your public and personal life. Our self-esteem counselling services will restore your confidence and sense of self.

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