Our Process

Clients attending Next Wave Psychology can expect a comfortable and secure environment where evidence-based treatment is tailored to the unique goals of the individual or couple. Given the client-centred approach taken at the practice, treatment during ongoing psychology sessions will vary accordingly.

Though Dr Amber Denehey specialises in the treatment of relationship difficulties and trauma, she is trained to provide psychological therapy for a wide variety of presenting issues. Upon arriving at the practice for your initial session, you will be given a small amount of paperwork to complete, so it is a good idea to arrive 5 minutes early for your first session if you can. Dr Amber Denehey will then ask about your goals for therapy and commence a thorough psychological assessment.

After the assessment is completed, a therapeutic approach will be discussed and a mutually-agreed path forward forged. For the initial stages of treatment, a frequency of weekly to fortnightly psychology sessions is often optimal, with further spacing between appointments occurring after clients start to notice progress towards their goals.

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Evidence-Based Therapy

Here at Next Wave Psychology, Dr Amber Denehey applies extensive training in a range of evidenced-based therapies.

This means that Amber will only apply techniques that have been researched for their efficacy and found to be useful in assisting with related psychological difficulties.

The Therapeutic Relationship

Prior research has consistently demonstrated that the aspect of therapy that is the most impactful for treatment outcomes is the quality of the therapeutic relationship that develops between the client and the therapist.

This is why Dr Amber Denehey prioritises establishing an open, respectful, and collaborative relationship with the people she sees first and foremost.

The Therapeutic Space

The psychological space provided in therapy sessions at Next Wave Psychology is designed to be distinct from other supportive relationships in a person’s life with respect to the privacy, safety, objectivity, and containment it offers.

Dr Amber Denehey aims to provide a space where people are able to express and work through difficult experiences without the fear of judgement.