Psychological Counselling Services

Our psychological services and counselling services are all provided through the prism of Dr Amber Denehey’s highly-regarded approach to assisting patients. Her counselling service in Melbourne uses evidence-based therapy that can be incredibly useful in providing treatment for psychological difficulties.

Dr Amber Denehey has extensive experience in psychological counselling services. Her own experience, combined with in-depth research, has shown her that the most critical aspect of any therapy is the relationship between the doctor and the patient. For this reason, the chief focus of your time with Dr Denehey will be fostering a connection that allows for utterly open communication and collaboration.

Providing a space that is entirely separate from day-to-day life and even other supporting structures is also vital. This allows for a sense of containment, which will enable you to feel completely safe, knowing that all conversations are private and all therapy is objective. The Next Wave is a space for you to express yourself and feel comfortable doing so.

Dr Amber Denehey has wide-ranging expertise in the psychological counselling sphere. This allows her to provide therapy to a range of patients with various concerns. Next Wave Psychology can provide:

  • Trauma Counselling: Past trauma can take charge over your life. Cut these ties and live a life free of past pain.
  • Relationship Counselling: Relationships are incredibly complicated and challenging, but necessary for fulfilment and happiness. Dr Denehey can provide an objective voice of reason and help relationships recover.
  • Depression and Anxiety Counselling: Sufferers of depression and anxiety can often feel as though there is no way out. But there is. With Dr Denehey’s expertise, you can start to enjoy a life that isn’t dogged by depressive and anxiety disorders.
  • Self Esteem Counselling: The way we feel about ourselves informs all of our interactions, in public and private life. Restore your inner confidence to restore your love of life.

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