Psychologist St Kilda

Next Wave Psychology provides counselling in St Kilda through the experienced approach of St Kilda psychologist Dr Amber Denehey. She offers therapy in a wide range of uses, including self-esteem and eating disorders, post-traumatic stress, anxiety and depression treatment and relationship counselling.

Amber’s practice is informed by Attachment Theory. Her therapy is delivered through the prism of evidence-based treatments, which are provided in a space that allows for containment, privacy and objectivity. As a therapist, she understands the importance of developing the kind of relationship that garners trust and will enable patients to feel comfortable in sharing their inner-world.

Dr Amber Denehey Psychologist St Kilda Services

Our counselling services in St Kilda include:

  • Trauma Counselling: Past trauma doesn’t have to define your life. Our counselling helps you to address past trauma and find a way to heal and move forward with life.
  • Relationship Counselling: Relationships of all types are some of the most precious things in life. If a relationship you value is falling apart, improve it with our help.
  • Depression and Anxiety Counselling: Depression and anxiety disorders can often make you feel trapped. With the help of Dr Denehey, you can work towards finding a way forward.
  • Self Esteem Counselling: You need to value yourself to lead a fulfilling life and engage in meaningful relationships. If you’re struggling with self esteem, please, visit Next Wave Psychology and restore your sense of inner-worth.

Dr Denehey takes a patient-centric approach to all forms of therapy. This has tended to be the most successful in her own practice, and this perspective is supported by research.

About Dr Amber Denehey

Amber has always been interested in helping people to overcome personal difficulties. After completing her Doctorate in Psychology, she became a member of the Australian Psychological Society and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. As a Clinical Psychologist, she can treat patients under their GP’s mental health care plan and provide rebates on therapy costs, enabling her to provide more affordable psychological services.

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