Relationship Counselling Melbourne

Thinking about getting relationship counselling in Melbourne can feel like a daunting step. Sometimes you can feel conflicted or embarrassed about not being able to solve everything yourself. If you are considering relationship counselling in spite of this challenge, it means you are ready to step out of your comfort zone and enhance your relationship to a new level.  Couples counselling in Melbourne could be your perfect next step.

Signs You Could Benefit from Relationship Psychology

Not all relationships are the same because we all face different issues in our lives. However, there are similar elements to most relationships that aren’t working like they should:

  • A lack of communication, where problems don’t seem to ever get resolved
  • Intense discussions or arguments about the same topics over and over again
  • Doing almost anything to avoid spending actual time together, or even seeing the other person at all
  • Focusing on work, children or other activities instead of paying attention to your significant other
  • Your sex life is not what it used to be
  • You’re having feelings for someone else (or your partner is) and you don’t know what to do about it

Relationship counselling is not all about marriage counselling, pre-marriage or even couples counselling. It can be used to restore bonds in all types of relationships – between family members or even close friends. If you value a relationship that is breaking down, relationship counselling can help.

How Can Next Wave Psychology Support My Relationship?

Dr Amber Denehey offers a relaxed and welcoming space that offers a much-needed containment from day-to-day life intrusions. This allows both members of a couple to feel at ease and able to express feelings in a non-judgemental and safe place.  Amber acts as a facilitator of discussions between two parties and offers an objective observation to create new thoughts or feelings. The sessions put aside blame, and emphasise understanding in order to create a dialogue that breaks through in areas that may have been impossible to solve at home.

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